Snow Cone Cupcakes

Want sweet fruity snow cones without the hassle of renting a snow cone machine for your next party? These snow cone cupcakes look just like the real thing, they're the perfect melt free alternative for your next bbq, party or summertime get together!

Twix Ice Cream Pie Cups

I couldn't decide between candy, ice cream, pie, cookies, and cupcakes... so I decided to create a dessert that captures components of them all and make a Twix candy, ice cream pie in a cookie cup! These Twix Ice Cream Pie Cups have every component of a Twix candy bar, with their shortbread cookie crust, caramel swirl ice cream and chocolate shell. They are surprisingly simple to make and absolutely incredible! The individual size cookie cups make them perfect for serving at a bbq or party, and a lot less messy than trying to cut and serve an ice cream pie.

5-Minute Soft Serve Ice Cream... In A Bag!

Just when I thought I had created the most simple No-cook, No-egg, No-machine Homemade Ice cream I found the "ice cream in a bag" phenomenon. I got the idea browsing the internet, finding tons of variations, so I decided to do a few test batches to come up with a creamy soft serve with simple ingredients. This easy soft serve is made out of cream, sugar and vanilla and the best part is, it is ready to eat in minutes! The chocolate version was my favorite, but try mixing in your favorite candy bar or cookie pieces for a gourmet twist. This simple soft serve ice cream is a perfect, kid friendly summer activity. Children will love shaking the bags, watching the liquid turn into ice cream. Simple, fun, and delicious!

Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcakes

Fluffy vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting, a fudge drizzle, sweet swirls of vanilla buttercream, sprinkles and a cherry on top!

Ice Cream Cone Crispy Treats

This simple, no-bake treat is the perfect summer party treat, and fun for kids! Because everything is cuter bite-sized, I made minis, but you can definitely make full size cones using an ice cream scoop to shape the rice crispy treat "scoops". Try using different flavored rice cereals for a variety of "ice cream" flavors!

Faux "Soft Serve" Cone Meringue Cookies

How great are these melt-free soft serve cones!? This might just be my favorite post from my collection of ice cream themed treats published all week for National Ice Cream Day. The trick to getting these cones not to melt is that they are not made out of ice cream at all! These mile high swirls of chocolate/vanilla soft serve are actually meringue cookies, piped to look just like real soft serve ice cream! 

Individual Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundaes For Two (Mini Pizookies)

After making my mini deep dish pizzas for dinner, I knew I had to make something fabulous for dessert! So, to go with my my mini deep dish pizzas, I decided to make mini deep dish cookies, also known as pizookies (pizza-cookies). A pizookie is a giant cookie baked in a pizza dish, warm and fresh out of the oven, topped with ice cream... Pure decadence. These mini pizookies are baked in small ramekins for a perfectly appropriate, individual serving.

Banana Split Cupcake Kabobs

What better way to have a traditional a banana split, than by serving the dessert with a fun, melt-free twist... introducing the banana split on a stick, aka Banana Split Cupcake Kabobs!

Homemade Ice Cream Cones: Oven baked mini sugar cones and bowls from scratch!

To start off a month full of ice cream themed recipes and treats, I wanted to start with the basics. Here is a simple way to make sugar cones and bowls without a waffle cone iron, to hold your favorite frozen treats. They have a delicious melt in your mouth taste resembling a cross between a fortune cookie and a classic sugar cone.