Mini Cupcake Cakes

These little cakes are so easy to make and a fun alternative to baking cupcakes for a special occasion or birthday!

PB & J Cookies

These peanut butter and jelly cookies are perfect for back to school or an afternoon snack! After making my pb&j cupcakes, I just had to create this nostalgic combination in the form of a cookie.

S'mores Brownies

A definite summertime fave, that reminds me of roasting marshmallows of a campfire as a kid, is a good old fashion s'mores recipe. And the only thing better than a chocolate bar, sandwiched between gooey, marshmallowy goodness and a crunchy gram cracker crust... is if that chocolate bar was smushed inside a rich, fudgy chocolate brownie, of course!

Heart Shaped French Toast

Valentine's Day is coming up and because I <3 french toast so much, I just had to make them into a heart shape, which would be a perfect treat for Valentine's Day morning, Mother's Day breakfast in bed, or an Anniversary brunch!

Donut Cookie Pops

Adorable pink frosted cookies disguised as donuts!