Last minute NYE treats and inspiration!

I cannot believe 2013 is almost here! Be sure to check out some of my festive New Years Eve treats for some fun last minute inspiration from my:

... And because it is never too early to start planning, stop by my complete collection of recipe and treat roundups, perfect for any holiday, themed party or special occasion!

 Looking back on my creations over the year, I cannot believe how time flies! For 2013 I have so much more in store for you and a few ALL NEW SURPRISES to share as part of my resolution for 2013! Anyone have any of their own New Years resolutions this year? I know one of the biggest resolutions is to lose weight/eat healthier/diet/etc. Well, what better way to stick to it longer, than with my portion controlled, just-enough-to-feed-your-sweet-tooth, small batch dessert recipes, bite-sized treats and single serving sweets?! Well, here at Dollhouse Bake Shoppe, I am always striving to spread the word about my trick to indulging in moderation so you can still "bake your cake and eat it too" without the guilt! 


I know, that when I try and stay away from ALL chocolate and try and ignore my cravings for a little something sweet, it TOTALLY BACKFIRES and I end up taking down the entire plate of cookies at work. Or, when I tell myself "I am starting my diet tomorrow", I end up eating the whole pint of ice cream... so it won't be there to tempt me tomorrow, of course ;) Anyone else have a similar story? Well, to be able to treat myself every now and then and still be able to live out my love for baking, I have really started focusing on developing recipes that yield just enough, like my single serving desserts that can even be made in the microwave in minutes

3 Minute Single Serving Banana Bread, or 3 Minute Single Serving Brownie For One sound like the perfect after dinner treat? I think so!

Or how about romantic desserts for two that can be made quickly and easily in the toaster oven, like my Brownie Sundaes For TwoIndividual Apple Crisps, or 2 individual deep dish chocolate Chip Cookies baked in a ramekin and topped with ice cream?!

I also share mini versions of my favorite traditional desserts (so you don't have a half a cake left over, tempting you the next morning), for a perfect way to indulge without over doing it, like my Mini 6" Red Velvet Cheesecake Layer Cake or Mini 5" Pumpkin Cheesecake With Maple Spiced Whipped Cream, both made in my DIY disposable pans!

Small batch dessert recipes are simple to prepare using less ingredient, with quicker baking times and easy clean up. I hope you love them as much as I do and that they can help you stick to your healthier lifestyle for a happy, healthy and sweet new year!

Stay tuned for my complete small batch dessert basics in 2013 like recipes for a 6-well pan of perfect cupcakes, a gorgeous five-inch NY cheesecake made in a DIY homemade disposable pan, a few buttery delicious cookies, and beautiful miniature tiered cakes in no time!