Fun Pie Crust Designs & Inspirations

Welcome to Lindsay Ann's PIE WEEK! All week I am going to be sharing my favorite pie crust recipe,  Tips & Tricks For Making A Perfect Pie CrustFun Pie Crust Designs & Inspirations and Pie Filling Recipes & Ideas just in time for the holidays!

Did you know you can use pie crust dough to make so much more than a standard pie in a pie plate?! Get creative and bake pie crust in a muffin tin, a mini cupcake pan or shallow glass mason jars for single serving, individual pies. You can even use small cookie cutters to create fun little pie crust shapes for munching on or adding as a decorative accents to larger desserts. You can alternatively cut larger pie crust shapes with standard cookie cutters to stuff with filling, for festive hand pies; even add a stick to create pie pops, great for parties... the possibilities are endless! Create fun and festive borders, shapes and decorated pie crusts for a professional presentation.

Click the images below for the complete "how-to's" and recipes!

Incredible oat streusel topping, perfect for topping fruit pies or crisps