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For all my vanilla lovers out there, this is THE BEST Ultimate Vanilla Cake. Layered tall with a vanilla candy drip, and decorated with vanilla candy hearts and sprinkles.

{VIDEO} THE BEST Ultimate Vanilla Drip Cake

 An easy DIY Dollar Store Clock Makeover into a chic Marble & Gold Wall Clock for sure cheap!

{VIDEO} DIY Cheap Marble & Gold Clock Hack | Dollar Store Clock Makeover

This easy no-bake cheesecake has a smooth and ultra creamy no-bake filling, bursting with colorful rainbow sprinkles and chunks of real Oreo cookies in every bite, piled on top of a 2-ingredient chocolate Oreo crust, all topped off with fudgy ganache and toppings galore!

{VIDEO} Easy No Bake Oreo Cheesecake

All the details, instructions and behind the scenes of my Pink & Gold Girl Baby Shower on a Budget and how you can DIY your own shower too!

{VIDEO} DIY Pink & Gold Girl Baby Shower on a Budget (Behind the scenes)

Easy Paper Bow Napkin Folding Tutorial for Baby Showers & Parties!

{VIDEO} DIY Bow Napkins (Cheap, Easy Pink Paper Bow Napkin Table Setting for Baby Showers & Parties)

Easy DIY Baby Shower MOM-osa Bar Recipe for Baby Showers & Parties!

{VIDEO} DIY Baby Shower MOM-osa Bar (Raspberry Pink Lemonade Mimosas)

Easy DIY Body Scrub Favor Activity for Baby Showers & Parties!

{VIDEO} DIY Body Scrub Favors (Cheap, Easy Activities/Games for Baby Showers & Parties)

Today I am doing the Baby Food Challenge with My Husband, where we each try different baby foods in a blind taste test and have to guess the flavor, and whoever gets the most right wins.

{VIDEO} Baby Food Challenge with My Husband

A fun little compilation of live pregnancy announcement reactions from our friends, when we told them I was pregnant!

{VIDEO} Telling Our Friends I’m Pregnant: Surprise Live Pregnancy Announcement Reactions

Cute little  Football Field Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats, perfect for Superbowl Game Day!

Football Field Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats for Superbowl

These loaded Rice Krispie Treats are perfect for game day! I added Bacon, Pretzels, Potato Chips, Sprinkles and a Candy Coating on top of these treats, for the perfect Superbowl Snack.

Bacon, Pretzel, Potato Chip, Candy Coated Funfetti Rice Krispie Treats

These Chocolate Covered Rosé Champagne Cherries are really fancy and fun twist on regular cherries. They're perfect for New Years, a wedding shower or a romantic occasion, or a fun girl's night or special brunch.

{VIDEO} Chocolate Covered Rosé Champagne Soaked Cherries

My easy red bottom nails hack! This cheap Louboutin inspired manicure is a really fun DIY nail art you can do at home for cheap and is perfect for the holidays or special occasions!

{VIDEO} DIY Easy Red Bottom Nails Hack (cheap Louboutin manicure nail art at home)

A no-bake cake made of gingerbread flavored rice krispies treats, frosting, rosemary trees and candy bar reindeer!

{VIDEO} No Bake Christmas Tree Reindeer Cake

I'm sharing my DIY Mirrored Nightstands Hack, so you can makeover your old nightstands, dressers, tables and more, into beautiful silver mirror furniture for way cheaper than buying them!

{VIDEO} DIY Mirrored Nightstands Hack | Mirrored Furniture Makeover For Cheap

These little reindeer are sooo cute and they're made entirely out of candy! 

{VIDEO} Easy No Bake Candy Bar Reindeer Pops

The most difficult part of a cat eye is getting the wings at the same angle and length, so this is my #1 trick for the perfect winged liner. Each time you do it, the better you'll get, until you don't need the concealer guide anymore and you can free hand it!

{VIDEO} #1 Hack for Easy Winged Eyeliner | (Concealer Trick) Cat Eye Tutorial

Today I announced weather I'm pregnant with a boy or a girl, with my no-bake gender reveal cake!... and it's a GIRL!

{VIDEO} No Bake Gender Reveal Cake

A no-bake cake made of rice krispies treats, frosting and candy! All decorated to look like a whimsical winter wonderland.

{VIDEO} No Bake Pink Winter Wonderland Gingerbread Cake

I'm sharing the biggest secret I have been hiding from you... I'm pregnant! Watch the video below for my full story and 3 year struggle with IVF and infertility.

{VIDEO} My Story/Pregnancy Announcement | The Big Secret I’ve Been Hiding!

Adorable, edible rice krispies treat Christmas trees, that are so easy to make!

{VIDEO} Rice Krispies Treat Christmas Tree

A DIY Crystal Tufted Headboard... for super easy and super cheap!

{VIDEO} DIY Easy Tufted Headboard Hack For Cheap | $25 Crystal Tufted Bed (perfect for dorms or home!)

A quick and simple alternative to the whip cream in a can, and even more light, luscious and creamy! 

{VIDEO} THE BEST Easy Homemade Whipped Cream Frosting (stable for piping!)

Today we are doing a taste test showdown to find out The best Chocolate Chip Cookies - from scratch, refrigerated dough or store bought???


{VIDEO} Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Comparison: Scratch vs. Dough vs. Store Bought (Taste Test Showdown!)

Adorable DIY custom colored kitchen tools and utensils!

My fave spots for pink finds are the 99c Store, Michaels/JoAnns around Valentine's Day or Spring/Easter, Target dollar section, Home Goods, Marshalls & TJ Maxx, Amazon/Ebay...

One of the most popular questions I get on social media, all the time, is where I get my cute pink baking supplies. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have seen my collection on the daily!

A lot of it, I find online. Whenever I am in a store and I see something cute, I add it to my collection... and some of it I DIY. So my collection is pretty much made of stuff I've collected over the years.

BUT, here in the USA we don't have as many cute pink kitchen stuff as I've seen in other countries, so until I can come out with my own line of all pink baking for  you guys, I am going to show you a super fun hack for creating your own custom colored kitchen stuff.

Now, this doesn't work on everything, because we are going to be using spray paint. You don't want to spray something you are putting in the oven, or something you will be eating off of, or coming in contact with food, but I have a lot of fun ideas on things you can pinkify to pretty up your kitchen.

All you need are your supplies or tools, some spray paint in the color you choose and painter's tape. Just cover the parts you don't want sprayed, with the tape and coat the items in spray paint.

Once they are fully dry, just remove the tape and you have your brand new, adorable set of customs utensils, baking tools and kitchen accessories!  If you guys give this a try be sure to tag me in a picture on social media @thelindsayann! 

Links to my favorite products and PINK kitchen supplies from my videos: https://www.amazon.com/shop/lindsayannbakes

- ♥ -

DIY Pink Kitchen Tools 

You will need:
  • kitchen tools
  • spray paint
  • painter's tape

Cover the parts you don't want sprayed, with painter's tape, if you don't want certain parts exposed. Coat the items in spray paint. Once they are fully dry, remove the tape, if necessary.
Note: Do not do this on something you are putting in the oven, or something you will be eating off of, or coming in contact with food


If you're looking for more sweet DIY crafts, you will love my:

{VIDEO} DIY Pink Kitchen Tools (and my pink baking supply collection!)