Mini S'mores Bites (makes a perfect cupcake topper or sweet trail mix!)

Summer is here and that means camping, bonfires and S'MORES! Because I can't get enough of adorable miniature variations on my favorite classic treats, I'm here to share some super simple, itty bitty s'mores. They are a fun little treat you can make indoors and without a campfire, perfect as a fun BBQ snack, festive summer treat or even a cute cupcake topper!

You can even make a snack mix by simply throwing together some golden graham cereal, chocolate chips and mini marshmallow in a bowl and much away for a un-toasted s'mores munch mix!

Mini S'mores Bites

  • chocolate chips
  • mini marshmallows
  • Golden Grahams cereal (or Teddy Graham cookies)


Place golden grahams on a foil lined baking sheet and top half with a mini marshmallow and the other half with 1-2 chocolate chips. Microwave OR broil in the oven or toaster oven (watching very carefully as the marshmallows can turn from golden to burnt in seconds), for about 10-25 seconds. Immediately sandwich together a chocolate chip and a marshmallow graham, serve and enjoy!

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