{VIDEO} DIY Easy Tufted Headboard Hack For Cheap | $25 Crystal Tufted Bed (perfect for dorms or home!)

A DIY Crystal Tufted Headboard... for super easy and super cheap!

Tufted headboards are so expensive, I was looking online and they usually run for a few hundred dollars, so I'm sharing some really cool hacks on how you can recreate the look at home for around $25.

To transform any dorm or home bedroom, into this!:

I did a neutral color with crystal buttons, because I think it just looks really elegant and pretty, but you can do any kind of fabric and buttons you want, to match your room.

This is perfect because it's not permanent and it's so cheap, so you can switch up your look, it's great if you have a dorm room you want to make look fab, or use it at home in your room like I did, if you want to decorate on a budget, but still have your space look totally glam.

Here's a little before and after shot:

I used foam poster board from the 99c store for the base, but if you have left over cardboard boxes, you can use that too, for a free option. It just makes it super cheap and super light weight, so it's easy to work with, you can make it to fit any size bed and you can just tack it or velcro it to the wall. It also makes it easy to cut, if you want to create a custom fancy shape. Here are some examples I found online. I went with "Belgrave", because I liked the scallop look and it wasn't too difficult looking.

How amazing did these turn out? I am so happy with how it turned out! I think it totally transforms the room and looks so professional. No one would ever know it's made with poster board and tape.

Here is how far down I mounted it to the wall, because I wanted it to stand pretty tall.

...and those buttons!!!

If you guys give this a try, make sure to go follow me on social media @LindsayAnnLux and tag me in a picture, so I can go like all of your recreations, or share this video with somebody who you know would love this project!

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DIY Tufted Headboard 

You will need:

  1. Tape poster boards or cardboard together, so it is about 4' tall and the width of your bed )For my queen bed, I did four 20"x30" poster boards from the 99c store, taped together)
  2. Cut into any shape, if desired. I cut scallops out of the top corners
  3. Layer the batting on top and loosely tape down to the back of the poster
  4. Iron your fabric, to get out any wrinkles and tape over the batting, to the back of the poster
  5. Use a measuring tape or ruler, to mark on the back of the poster, where you want your buttons to be (I did 7" in between each button vertically and 8" in between horizontally, to create a tufted diamond pattern)
  6. Sew tufts up through the poster/batting/fabric and back down, pulling fairly tight, to create the tufted look, knotting at the back (I also put packing tape over each knot on the back of the poster for extra security)
  7. Sew or hot glue your buttons on top of each tuft
  8. Glue scrap pieces of poster on to back, to attach velcro strips 
  9. Stick to wall