{VIDEO} DIY $10 Lash Extensions At Home | Permanent Eyelashes for cheap (Ardell Individual)

How to apply professional looking lash extensions, for only $10, right from home! They last 1-2 weeks and take under an hour to apply.

I live for these DIY at-home lash extensions. They are sooo much cheaper than getting them done at a salon and take half the time! I get so many compliments on my lashes when I do these and everyone is shocked when I tell them I did them myself at home, in like an hour, for 10 bucks!

I used the $10 Ardell kit from amazon, but they also sell it at Target, Walmart and most drugstores in the makeup section. They are synthetic lashes, and have 4-5 individual lashes in each little cluster, to make the application process much quicker than doing them one by one.

Waking up with a full set of totally glam, long, curled lashes is the best feeling ever! Eyelashes make such a big difference, and I wear so much less eye makeup when I have these on because they really make your eyes pop and you don't even need eyeshadow, eye liner or mascara with these on. It saves me so much time in the morning!

The Ardell kit includes tweezers for applying, lash glue, lash remover, 14 short, 28 medium, and 14 long lashes.

They also sell black lash glue separately which is a little bit nicer because it dries black, not clear, so it is less noticeable. You can also get refills of the short lashes and the medium lashes separately, too, for when you need to fill in ones that fell out.

The left is after the lashes, and the right side is before the lashes we applied!

DIY $10 Lash Extensions At Home Using Ardell Individual Lash Kit 

You will need


Make sure you wash off all your makeup and there is no oil or makeup on your lashes so the glue adheres well.

Start by using a magnifying mirror on one eye at a time.

Use the tweezers to pull the lash cluster by the root, gently off the plastic. Make sure not to pull by the end of the lashes because you will pull them apart. Dip the root of the lash cluster in a tiny but of glue straight from the bottle, because the glue dries out really fast.

Add half of the short lashes (7) to your eye, from the middle to the inner corner of your eye, placing the lashes directly on your natural lash as close to the lash line as possible, without touching your skin. Don't go too far in towards the corner of your eye to avoid irritation. Continue by placing each cluster directly next to the one before it.

Using your tweezers, push the lashes upward every once and a while, so they flare up and out and don't look droopy.

Next, do the row of medium (14) all the way across to build the foundation of your lashes, leaving about 1/4 to 1/3 of the inner corner with only the short. You can start stacking on top towards the outer corner once you have applied all the way across.

Last, add half (7) long from middle to outer corner, if desired. You don't have to use long, if you want a more natural lash. Stack as many as you want to get the fullness you want and to fill in any gaps.

Let the glue set and do not get the lashed wet for a few hrs, until it dries fully. Lashes should last 1-2 weeks. Do not use makeup remover, face wash or any product with oil in it, as this will break down the glue and the lashes will not last as long. Use the lash remover to gently slide off the lashes when they are ready to fall off. Do not try to remove them before they are ready, to avoid pulling out any of your natural lashes.