Candy Cupid's Arrows

These cute little arrows are so simple to make and perfect for bagging up and giving away as Valentine's! At first I was going to dip the pretzel part in pink candy melts to match the gummies, but I ended up opting for a simpler version that kids can get in on the action with! I didn't think of creating cupids bow until after I came up with the idea for these took the photos...maybe next year I'll create a whole cupid candy pop tutorial,  bows and arrows included!

Candy Cupid's Arrows

You will need
  •  Jelly hearts (You can find them in the Valentine's section of most grocery stores, WalMart, etc.; I got mine on sale for .99 cents!)
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Scissors


Cut a "V" shape out of the top of the heart.

Gently push heart onto one end of the pretzel stick and push cut out heart onto the other end. Make sure both hearts are facing the same direction. (I made tiny cuts in the jelly hearts with scissors to make it easier to slide them onto the pretzel stick.)

Now print out (or write) some cute tags, tie with ribbon and you have some seriously cute Valentine goodie bags.

The coolest part about these is Disney Family Fun magazine contacted me to have them featured in their 2012 Valentine's issue! Check it out: