🎀Meet Lindsay Ann 🎀
Hi, I'm Lindsay Ann! Baking Blogger & YouTuber from Los Angeles, sharing my award winning dessert recipes with my whimsical flair, festive party treats, and fun baking inspiration, to help you put a smile on the face of family and friends. Whether you only bake once a year and want to whip up a no-fail, show stopping dessert, or you're the "hostess with the mostess", looking for some exciting, over-the-top recipe ideas, I've got something for everyone to succeed in the kitchen.

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I love adding a touch of whimsy to my recipes, transforming classic desserts into beautiful, creative and fun treats! I've got everything from super simple no-bake recipes loaded with sprinkles, to gourmet works of art, decorated with sugar pearls and fancy piping techniques.

You may recognize me as Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" series premiere WINNER, proving that anyone who has the dream to learn how to be a master in the kitchen, can do it with a little practice and a pretty apron, one recipe at a time. I didn't grow up in the kitchen or come from a long line of great bakers. I started with zero recipes handed down to me, and a mom that can basically make a mean slice of toast with cheese, so once I discovered the world of baking, I immediately fell in love and wanted to share my passion with the world.

As a self-taught baker, I encourage you to learn from my trial and errors in the kitchen, and try out some of my step-by-step recipes, so you can successfully create "the best ____ ever", every time.

It all started in 2009, when I began my dessert catering company, "Dollhouse Bake Shoppe", in my home town of Los Angeles, CA. Shortly after learning everything I could about the art and science of baking, I was chosen out of a nationwide search for the country's top bakers, to compete on the Food Network's series premiere of "Cupcake Wars”, in June 2010, and proved my talent by winning first place. I made my second Food Network television appearance shortly after in January 2011 as a featured “Cupcake Wars Champion". I immediately accrued a growing fan base across the globe, begging for my recipes and baking tips, so I decided to take my passion worldwide and transitioned from catering and baking for local events, to sharing my trade nationwide, through the baking blog.

In November of 2013 I launched my video series on YouTube (, where I share my favorite recipes with my special "Lindsay Ann flair", baking tips, and sweet DIY craft ideas and party treats.

Nothing makes me happier than a plate full of cupcakes in one hand, and my #1 taste tester in the other.