Ice Cream Cone Crispy Treats

This simple, no-bake treat is the perfect summer party treat, and fun for kids! Because everything is cuter bite-sized, I made minis, but you can definitely make full size cones using an ice cream scoop to shape the rice crispy treat "scoops". Try using different flavored rice cereals for a variety of "ice cream" flavors!

Ice Cream Cone Crispy Treats

  • Sugar cones
  • Rice crispy treats (sub cocoa crispies for chocolate "ice cream" or fruity pebbles for "sorbet")
  • Melted chocolate (milk chocolate, white chocolate, or tinted white chocolate in "flavor"/color of your choice)
  • Sprinkles/toppings


Cut tips off sugar cones; discard top portion of cone. Skip this step for full size cone treats.

For a more realistic look, use a tablespoon to shape the "scoops" by pressing down on the rice crispy treat balls, forming a smooth domed top, letting the excess form around the base.

Spoon a little bit of melted chocolate into cones, coating the inside of the cone. Place rice crispy treat ball on top, using the melted chocolate as a "glue". Place in the freezer for a minute to set chocolate. Once crispy treat is secured to top of cone, dip into bowl of melted chocolate and add sprinkles or toppings of your choice. 

Let dry by sticking the tips of the cones into an egg carton, styrofoam, or cup of sugar to keep them upright. Place in refrigerator to help chocolate dry and set more quickly.

You can use any type of chocolate you like, from dark to white to milk chocolate.

You can also form rice crispy treats into tablespoon sized balls. Try using cocoa crispies for chocolate flavored "ice cream" or fruity pebbles for strawberry flavored "ice cream".


Dip and decorate!

 You can package them up once chocolate has set for a great party favor, or display on a platter for a fun party treat!