{VIDEO} Thanksgiving Sugar Cone Cornucopia

These cute little cornucopias made out of a sugar cones and candy are perfect for gift giving, or even as a festive name plate around your Thanksgiving dinner table!


The cornucopia is also know as "the horn of plenty",  a large horn overflowing with the fruits of our labor, such as flowers, nuts, and other edibles... like, CANDY! You can stuff your cone-ucopias with rice crispy treats, trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, candy corn, or any treat you like. 

You only need cones, water, candy for filling and a microwave! I also created some little tags tied with ribbon and a custom tag for gift giving.

Just dip, heat, form and fill!  They are the perfect, fun family project, where kids can even help shape and fill them!

Even create name tags to tie around each cone-ucopia, and use them as a Thanksgiving dinner plate treat for guest to find their seat and enjoy!

Thanksgiving Sugar Cone Cornucopia

You will need
  • sugar cones
  • cup of water
  • filling of your choice (candy, cereal, nuts, etc.)
  • microwave
  • plastic wrap, ribbon and name tags, optional


Pour a little bit of water in the sugar cone and dip the tip in water for about 15 seconds, to soak the outside and inside. Microwave for about 15 seconds. Remove cone from microwave once pliable. Carefully, bend the tip of the cone, holding it in place until it starts to set (note: cone will be hot). Place the cone upside down to dry completely, so it holds it's shape. Fill with treats of your choice. Cover opening with plastic wrap and tie with ribbon and a place card if desired.