Chocolate Covered Holiday Oreos

Here is a simple and fun way to dress up plain Oreo cookies for the holidays. You can use candy molds or dip them by hand and decorate them with festive sprinkles or chocolate holiday shapes.

I used an "Oreo cookie chocolate candy mold" that can be found in most cake/candy supply stores or online. 

You can also dip your Oreos in a bowl of melted chocolate if you don't have a mold. I decorated them with drizzles of different colored chocolate, sprinkles, and some candy mold shapes.

I made some in a winter snowflake theme...

A Christmas theme...

And a Hanukkah theme.

A cute little display for a holiday party. I wrapped them in clear plastic bags and tied them off with festive ribbon for presentation.

 And the most important thing to remember when making theses...

Happy Holidays ;)