Happy Groundhog's Day & A Simple Snowman Pop Tutorial to celebrate 6 more weeks of winter

Happy Groundhog's Day, or rather un-happy depending on your seasonal preference. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, meaning 6 more weeks of winter :/ ...Well on the bright side, now I can keep posting recipes for my favorite cold weather comfort treats!

To celebrate the last few weeks of winter, here are some simple snowman pops you can make to keep the winter spirit alive.

These are really easy to make and a fun activity for kids.

You will need:
  • lollipop sticks
  • powdered sugar donut holes
  • fruit roll (scarves)
  • chocolate and rainbow jimmie sprinkles (eyes, arms, face)
  • melted chocolate or frosting to close scarf, if needed


Simply push a lollipop stick through 2 donut holes. Cut a piece of fruit roll up into a long scarf and wrap it around the neck. Attach with melted chocolate or frosting if needed. Push jimmies in place to create a face, buttons and arms. Even make a tootsie roll hat! Wrap in clear plastic bags and tie with ribbon for gift giving.

Here is another simple idea using marshmallows for the body, orange fruit chew candy for the nose, mini chocolate chips for the face and buttons, fruit roll scarf, pretzel arms and tootsie roll hat.

This one is a "cake ball" dipped in white candy coating. The face is edible marker, fruit roll scarf, orange fruit chew nose, Rolo candy hat with a chocolate candy melt for the hat brim.