Simple Chocolate Pretzel Coins

I love the salty sweet combo of those bags of chocolate or yogurt covered pretzel twists from the grocery store. They sweet melty chocolate coating crunchy pretzel, studded with specks of saltiness is a definite palate pleaser.

I've made chocolate dipped pretzels at home before, but to be honest, it is pretty time consuming dunking each one, tapping the excess chocolate off and letting them dry. Since I had my Oreo cookie mold on hand, and a bunch of sad, broken pretzel pieces laying at the bottom of an empty bag, I got creative. Instead of using Oreos in my mold, I filled it with chocolate and added bits and pieces of broken pretzel twists, for a quick, simple and inexpensive alternative!

I created these little "coins" using a "sandwich cookie/Oreo cookie chocolate candy mold" that can be found in most cake/candy supply stores or online.

If you don't have a mold but want that perfectly smooth look, you can use plastic disposable cups!

Spoon about a tablespoon or two of melted chocolate or candy melts (available at most craft stores) into the bottom of the cup. Place your Oreo cookie in the center, pressing down slightly (but not all the way to the bottom) so the chocolate comes up the sides of the cookie, with a layer of chocolate at the bottom (which will  be come the top). Spoon more melted chocolate on top. Tap the cup on the counter top a few times to release air bubbles. Place in freezer to dry and set, about 10 minutes.

Chocolate will darken in color as it dries. You should not be able to see light spots through the plastic, these are spots that have not dried fully yet. Once chocolate has dried and hardened, squeeze and bend cup to gently release cookies and flip upside down for a perfectly smooth top. Do as many as you want at a time!

If you don't want to purchase the plastic mold, you can use the bottom of a plastic cup and decorate them yourself using chocolate, sprinkles and candy!

Check out the coins displayed on my LOVE themed table spread!
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