{VIDEO} How To Frost A Cupcake Part 2: Fun Designs & Techniques | Cupcakes 101: Quick, Easy Tips & Tricks

In this Cupcakes 101 Video, I show you how to pipe fun, bakery-style cupcakes using the same piping tips from my "basic cupcake swirl how-to video", to create a ton of different looks, from roses to fancy tiered shells

(check out my cupcake and frosting recipes below)
Watch the video below or click here to view it on YouTube

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The Perfect Bakery Swirl (5 ways) Video


Here are my favorite frostings for piping on cupcakes:


Classic Chocolate American Buttercream

Click here for the vanilla cupcake recipe from the video


First make your frosting. (Click Here For a List of My Favorite Go-To Frosting Recipes). I like to use a classic American buttercream for decorating my cupcakes. Here I used vanilla tinted with food coloring.

Next choose your decorating tip. They come in all different brands, styles and sizes. Here I have a jumbo set of Ateco brand and a small set of Wilton brand. The piping bags at the top are fitted with standard size Wilton brand tips. From left to right, I have a round tip, open star tip, closed star tip and a french (open star) tip.

First you need to prepare your piping bag. Here is some more videos to help with getting started:

Click here to learn some tips for filling your piping bag with frosting

 Click here to see my favorite trick for filling your piping bag, for a re-useable, mess-free alternative to the video above!

If you don't have a piping bag, click here to learn how to use a regular plastic ziploc bag for piping

If you want to switch between decorating tips, Click here to learn how to use a coupler

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