{VIDEO} How To Decorate Fun & Professional Cupcakes At Home | Cupcakes 101: Quick, Easy Tips & Tricks

In this Cupcakes 101 Video, I show you some tricks for decorating beautiful, bakery-style cupcakes, perfect for parties, of any occasion! 

(check out my cupcake and frosting recipes below)
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Here are my favorite frostings for piping on cupcakes:


Classic Chocolate American Buttercream

Click here for the vanilla cupcake recipe from the video


First make your frosting. (Click Here For a List of My Favorite Go-To Frosting Recipes). I like to use a classic American buttercream for decorating my cupcakes. Here I used vanilla tinted with food coloring.

Next, frost your cupcakes:

 Click here for: How To Frost A Cupcake Part 1

If you don't have a piping bag, click here to learn how to use a regular plastic ziploc bag for piping

Then, decorate! 

Here I topped some mint frosting with a chocolate drizzle and mint candy! You can do with with just about any flavor, like peanut butter with a Reese's cup or cookies and cream with an Oreo on top, the flavor combinations are endless!

Or keep it classic with some fun colored frosting, rainbow sprinkles and a candle.

One of my favorites! A cupcakes dressed up as a sundae!

Here I printed out some fun cupcake picks that I taped to a toothpick! You can print our "happy birthday" or "congratulations" signs, pictures, faces, whatever you can think of to fit your occasion!

These cute little flowers are made out of fruit chew candy and edible pearls for a pretty and delicate little accent!

Roll your cupcake in toppings for a simple and delicious touch! You can used anything from chopped nuts, to sprinkles, crushed cookies, mini chocolate chips and more!

A sweet and simple pre-made sugar decoration for a classic look. They sell these in craft stores, in the baking aisle or online in just about any design!

Here is a sophisticated and classy look with gold sprinkles and a little pop of color with a tiny red heart sprinkle.

This is the classic buttercream swirl rose look. I have an entire video dedicated to just this piping technique because I love it so much and it is so easy to do!

I usedd a small cookie cutter to cut out a heart from a flattened gummy candy for a fun and quick cupcake topper.


Which is your favorite?!