{VIDEO} How To Pipe A Simple Buttercream Swirl Rose | Cupcakes 101: Quick, Easy Tips & Tricks

Beautiful and simple buttercream swirl roses.

Watch the video below or click here to view it on YouTube

I used my Classic Vanilla American Buttercream recipe for these cupcakes. Smooth and fluffy classic party cake frosting with a sweet, buttery flavor.


First make your frosting. (Click Here For a List of My Favorite Go-To Frosting Recipes). I like to use a classic American buttercream for decorating my cupcakes. I used vanilla tinted with pink food coloring for the video, but yellow or a dark red would be beautiful as well!

Next, pick your tip. A closed star tip- left (like the Wilton 2D, my personal preference) or an open star tip- right (such as the Wilton 1M or the Ateco 827, shown) both work great!

Start in the center and squeeze...

swirl around to the edge of the cupcake...

Keep swirling until you have covered the surface of the cupcake...

pull up and away to trail off the frosting, for a smooth finish.

Create leaves out of fondant or even fruit chew or gummy candy, by molding the candy with your fingers or using a small leaf cookie cutter.

Stick the leaves right into the frosting.

Use any color you like and create a whole bouquet of cupcakes!