I'm Getting Married!

So, I don't often blog about my personal life on here. Maybe a snippet or two within a recipe post full of soft billowing frosting, buttery cake layers and sprinkles galore, but rarely an entire post all about me... but today is a special day for me. It marks 6 years of dating the love of my life, the icing to my cupcake, the chocolate chips to my cookie... and exactly one year ago, today, he proposed! Yup, I baked my way right into his heart and now, little ol' Lindsay Ann Bakes is soon to be a Mrs. and I am making my official announcement to the great, big, blog-osphere. 

The photo above is one of the pictures from our engagement photo session. Too cheesy? Maaaybe... but I just couldn't help myself! I figure, if we are going to have an "engagement photo shoot" and pose all lovey-dovey, staring into each other's eyes, why not cheese it up and go all out with the cheesiness. He resisted a bit at first, but my *sweet* charm persuaded him ;)

So, for a few shots, I went with a "hobbies" theme. Well, my hobby is, um, baking... duh. So I made a plate of cupcakes to hold... with cherries on top, of course... and the soon-to-be-Mr. loves to be outdoors on the golf course, so I had him hold a golf club, next to me.

On February 22nd, 2014, we celebrated our 5 years of dating "anniversary". We drove up the coast, where we stopped for lunch at a park in the charming little town of Solvang. He then drove us to a winery in Santa Ynez valley, where after a quick wine tasting we were whisked away and escorted to a beautiful private villa.

Now, my fiance is not typically known to be the most over-the-top romantic guy in the world, so I was shocked when they brought us upstairs and opened the double doors to the terrace overlooking the entire valley, with a little table and two chairs, set up with chocolates, champagne, the works!

I had a little feeling something special was happening, when he refused to take off the empty backpack he was wearing that afternoon... later to find out that he had been "hiding" the ring in there, since the box was too big for his pockets ;) aaaaannnnd I had been hoping for this moment any day now, at this point.

We both were born just 3 months apart, both grew up in the Los Angeles area, just 30 minutes away from each other, and both graduated from the same college, at the same time... yet our paths had never crossed. After graduating, we both ended up working at the same restaurant in Santa Barbara. The timing was finally right, and in 2007, we would meet and our story would begin, to bring us to this moment right here, 7 years later.

We sat down and enjoyed a little bubbly, the view, and each other...This lasted all about 5 minutes, until his nervous silence and awkward conversation turned into a full blown, get-down-on-one-knee proposal, and I became the official happiest girl in the entire world. Here is a shot from right before the big moment.

We enjoyed the afternoon on the terrace, taking in the moment... and taking lots of pictures to capture it ;) Later that evening he drove us to an amazing beach front hotel room in Santa Barbara, CA, the beautiful beach town where we met.

So, to celebrate the news, I am going to be sharing some fun wedding themed recipes, treats and DIY ideas for ya! Hope you guys enjoyed the post, be sure to let me know what you think.... and YES, I AM MAKING MY OWN WEDDING CAKE. Cannot wait to share the details with you all soon!!!

xoxo, Lindsay Ann