{VIDEO} Cake Decorating 101 (Part 1): How to Level, Tort, Fill & Stack a Layer Cake

I've tackled the cupcake decorating on my youtube channel and since you guys were asking for some cake decorating videos, I created a whole three part series! The videos will show you how to to make a beautiful layer cake from start to finish and this is the first one to get your started so don't forget to subscribe to me channel to be the first to see the new videos! Today we start with the basics, leveling (creating a perfectly shaped, flat topped cake layers), torting (splitting the cake into layers), filling and stacking a cake, to get it all ready for frosting and decorating.

Whether you use a box mix cake or do it all from scratch, this 3 part tutorial will help you create fun and professional looking, filled, frosted and decorated cakes right from home!

 First thing you need to do is decide what type of cake and filling you want to make. Get creative and add come up with your favorite cake flavor combinations. For more inspiration, check out my frosting and filling recipes here, or check out some of my favorite layer cakes below!

Here I have a cheesecake filled red velvet cake.

How about Oreo buttercream and cookies & cream ice cream in between chocolate cake layers?

Here I kept it simple by filling a classic yellow cake with my favorite chocolate buttercream frosting.

Who can resist a luscious, rich cream cheese filling?!

For all the chocolate lovers, you have got to try this fudgy, rich double chocolate filled cake!

Start by sawing off the domed tops of your cakes, so they have a flat top, perfect for stacking. I like to pop my cake layers in the freezer while I prepare the filling and frosting. Working with frozen cakes are so much easier and a lot less messy!

Next, tort your cake by cutting them in to layers, horizontally. You can cut one cake into 2 layers or more, depending on how tall you cake is and how thick or thin you want your layers. I like to split 2 cakes into 4 layers, or one tall cake into 3 layers, typically.

If you are filling the cake with the same frosting that is going on the outside of the cake, just spread it on top of each of the center layers. If you have filling that is different from the icing you are using to frost the outside of the cake, I recommend creating a dam around the outer edge of the cake with a thick buttercream frosting, so no filling can squish out of the cake when it is stacked.

Then, spread on your filling with a knife or an offset spatula.

Gently stack the next layer on top and repeat the filling process until all of your cake layers are used. 

Make sure the top layer of the cake is the bottom side of one of your baked cakes, to create a perfectly flat top. Adjust the cake so it is straight and even by pressing it into shape and stuffin in more icing to give more height to lower sides.

Now you are ready to move on to my frosting and decorating video posts, so stay tuned for the next installment next week!


Click below for each installment in the series for creating a perfect layer cake!



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Classic Chocolate American Buttercream