{VIDEO} Russian Piping Tip Flower Cupcakes

Make a beautiful flower in one squeeze, without being a pro cupcake decorator, with these cool Russian piping tips!

I've seen these Russian piping tips all over the internet lately, so I had to give them a try. I got a pack of 7 online, so I could try out all the different designs. You can get them on Amazon here

 I made a batch of my favorite VANILLA CUPCAKES, that I baked in little cups to look like mini flower pots, and topped them with a batch of my favorite VANILLA BUTTERCREAM FROSTING, that I tinted with food coloring.

How gorgeous are these?! Once you get the hang of how to use the tips, they are so easy to pipe out a whole bunch of flowers in minutes!

You can use these to cover a cupcake, decorate a cake, or even add them to cookies for a pretty touch, perfect for spring time, easter, weddings, baby showers or a Mother's day treat!

I used the Wilton 352 leaf  tip to add the little green leaves throughout the floral arrangements. Which tip is your favorite? These are some of mine:

I tried doing single color flowers and some 2-toned looks by layering the frosting for a really coo dimensional look.

Easiest roses ever!!!


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