{VIDEO} Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Comparison: Scratch vs. Dough vs. Store Bought (Taste Test Showdown!)

Today we are doing a taste test showdown to find out The best Chocolate Chip Cookies - from scratch, refrigerated dough or store bought???


So this is another episode in a fun series I have here on the channel, where I have a bunch of friends and family over for a blind taste test, to rate and compare cookie samples A, B and C, so we can find out which really is the best over all Chocolate Chip Cookie.

We’re rating these on everything from price, to ingredients, time/ease/cleanup, appearance and of course, taste, to find out which one is really worth it and which ones are just a total waste of time and money. There are so many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies, from store bought, to the refrigerated cookie dough at the grocery store, to good old fashioned homemade, so which one should you choose? Well, today, we’re gonna find out which reigns supreme.

I tried to use the most common or most popular options out there and I didn’t use any of my own recipes to keep it fair and so the participants could feel free to be brutally honest.

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So let’s get to know today’s contenders...We're giving:
  • 1 point for the best price:
  • 1 point for the fewest/easiest ingredients:
  • 1 point for the quickest time/ease/cleanup:
  • 1 point based on appearance alone/most appetizing looking:
  • 3 points for the best taste: 
A- Semi-Prepared: Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough 
  • price: $2.99 
  • ingredients: 1 
  • time/ease/cleanup: close runner up- ready to bake, serve and throw away the wrapper, with only the cookie scoop to clean.
  • appearance: Runner up with 3/10 votes. Nice looking. Looks like it has a lot of chocolate chips. 
  • taste: 2/10 votes. Sweet and buttery flavor with the most chocolate. Not bad at all, but hard to compare to homemade.
B- Homemade: From Scratch from the recipe on the bag of the Ghirardelli chocolate chipshttps://www.ghirardelli.com/chocolate-chip-cookies-rec1016
(which is practically  the same as the Toll House recipe and the Hershey's recipe, just with slightly different amounts of vanilla extract and salt)
  • price: Most expensive to buy all of the ingredients- the chocolate chips alone were $4.99, but cheap option if you have everything at home already.
  • ingredients: 9
  • time/ease/cleanup: Takes the most time and has the most cleanup but definitely worth the taste pay off. Very easy for scratch made cookies- basically, just mix everything together in a bowl.
  • appearance: winner with 5/10 votes. Was the most flat and not as "pretty". Looks "homemade", but that is part of the appeal. 
  • taste: winner with 8/10 votes. Had by far the best flavor. Is rich, buttery and chewy on the inside with a crisp outside. Tastes homemade in the best possible way.
C- Store Bought: Grocery Store Bakery
  • price: $4.99
  • ingredients: 1
  • time/ease/cleanup: ready to serve and throw away the container.
  • appearance: 2/10 votes. Looks store bought. Not super appetizing.
  • taste: Unanimous loser with 0/10 votes. Too hard and crunchy. Tasteless.
My vote:
Homemade, from scratch, no contest. I would take the extra step and brown the butter if making from scratch, for an ultra rich, nutty, caramely flavor. 

  • 1 point - price: Refrigerated Cookie Dough 
  • 1 point - ingredients: Tie for  Refrigerated Cookie Dough & Store Bought
  • 1 point - time/ease/cleanup: Store Bought, with Refrigerated Cookie Dough as a very close runner up
  • 1 point - appearance: Homemade
  • 3 points - taste: Homemade
The store bought is the easiest but was a unanimous loser with 0/10 votes for taste. Refrigerated cookie dough, which is a great alternative to homemade in a pinch, tasted pretty good, not great, but is the cheapest, is super easy and has practically no cleanup... but if you ave got the time, nothing beats the taste and appearance of the homemade version.

Homemade from Scratch for an incomparable taste.