{VIDEO} DIY Baby Shower MOM-osa Bar (Raspberry Pink Lemonade Mimosas)

Easy DIY Baby Shower MOM-osa Bar Recipe for Baby Showers & Parties!

I made these for my baby shower and they were a total hit and matched the theme perfectly. I printed a little sign to go on the table and put it in a frame I got at the dollar store that I spray painted gold to match. Click here to see the full party and all the details!

I did Raspberry Lemonade Mimosas with sparkling champagne and frozen raspberries, because they were pink, but you can do any kind of juice you like, to match your event!

Add some paper stripey straws, flowers and some frozen berries on top, and you have the perfect pre-made drink bar for your party. You can use 7up instead of champagne, too, for a non-alcoholic option!

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Click here to see the full party and all the details!

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