{VIDEO} My Story/Pregnancy Announcement | The Big Secret I’ve Been Hiding!

I'm sharing the biggest secret I have been hiding from you... I'm pregnant! Watch the video below for my full story and 3 year struggle with IVF and infertility.

So, a little back story... My husband CJ and I met right after college at a restaurant we were both working at. It was not love at first sight, we both were in other relationships when we first met, but after about 6 months, we were single and caught each others eye at the work holiday party. We “dated” for a year and then on February 22, 2009 he asked me to be his girlfriend.

We moved in together and about a year later CJ proposed on our 5yr dating anniversary, so on February 22, 2014 we were engaged. We got married March 21, 2015, went on our honeymoon and had the time of our lives. 

It was on our bucket list to travel before we had kids, so we went on an amazing trip with friends across Europe, we both were happy in our jobs, we had a place together and were both excited to start a family right away. Little did we know, what would mark the beginning of our lives together, would also be the beginning of the hardest time of our lives.

So long story short, and many doctors appointments later, I found out pretty much right after after our honeymoon, when I got off birth control that I was up against some pretty tricky infertility issues.
So we jumped right into IVF, and after almost three years of hormones injections and pills, going under Anesthesa about a half a dozen times for different procedures to do testing and having my eggs harvested three times, getting a d&c to remove a miscarriage, switching doctors, carrying our frozen embryos in a tank of liquid nitrogen down the streets of Beverly Hills, a katrilloon dollars not covered under insurance, a million and one doctors appointments, and endless bad news, ups downs, starting over, hugs and tears… I’m finally pregnant and ready to share the news that  I am due February 18, 2019.

We're so happy and so excited and I’m so lucky it worked and that I have the best husband in the world who’s sooo incredibly supportive and just be everything I needed. 

I waited a really long time to tell you guys because I was scared for a long time, but I wanted to announce it on thanksgiving because we are more thankful this year than ever. Thanksgiving has been tough the past few years because 2 years ago was my first IVF pregnancy announcement to family, but I ended up miscarrying and having to get it removed through a D&C... And then there were 2 more IVF attempts after that that didn’t work out either. So, I just can’t believe this year it’s real and I am so beyond thankful, and in the end, 3 years is nothing compared to what some people have to go through, so I’m just glad I stuck with it and kept trying, and now I am just the most excited I’ve ever been and can't wait to take you on the journey with us. So make sure you're following me on social media @TheLindsayAnn for all the behind the scenes updates!

The notes, spreadsheet and schedules below that I put together along the way are my ultimate go-to guides that I hope you find helpful (and share with your friends)! From what to pack in your hospital bag, to sleep schedules (so they actually sleep), easy recipes to feed your baby for their first solid foods or homemade play dough to keep them entertained... I hope these resources help prepare and guide you through your journey through parenthood.

  • {VIDEO} My Story: If you want some background behind my first baby's pregnancy announcement and our infertility journey
  • Minimalist Hospital Bag (for New Baby, Mom and Dad/Partner): What you NEED and DON'T need for labor, delivery and recovery
  • Nanny Guide: Info to leave for your baby's nanny, babysitter, grandparent or care giver while you are away