Baby Schedule: 3-4 months/11-15 weeks old (feedings, wake times, nap/sleep times)

My FLEXIBLE Baby Schedule I used for both my daughter and son, from about 11-15 weeks old. Including feeding times, wake times, and nap/sleep times.

Set yourself and your baby up for SUCCESS! 

I am a firm believer in a "flexible daily schedule/routine". Children thrive on consistency. Providing a predictable daily pattern they can come to expect, helps them to feel safe, reduces anxieties of unexpected changes and unfamiliar expectations and helps them feel happy and secure. A baby and mama that are well rested and well fed, is the goal and what helped me raise happy babies. A daily routine also helps cultivate a calm household where everyone can help pitch in, knowing the expectations for the day at particular times. It can provide structure and give your family more freedom, as you know when you can schedule different things throughout the day, which I found particularly helpful when I had my second baby, with a toddler eager to get to the park and be on the go. 

I have achieved success with this schedule, with both of my children. My daughter, very independent, not an easy child to nurse, but a great sleeper. My son, more needy/less independent, and loves to be held. Both were notable happier babies once we got on a good schedule/routine around 2 months.


Both of my children were going 5 hours between feedings over night at 5 weeks old... 6-7 hours by 7 weeks, old... 8 hours by 8-10 weeks old... and 12 hours overnight by 14 weeks old and continued 12 hours overnight the entire time they were in the crib. 

They were fed, swaddled, given a paci (my daughter used a paci from 2-4 months old before she found her fingers to suck on instead. We introduced the paci to my son at around 6 weeks old as he was much fussier due to reflux when he was young) and put into the bassinet to fall asleep on their own once they were just about ready to doze off, but not completely put to sleep by being rocked or nursed to sleep. 

I felt strongly about this as sleep is THE most important key to success in my opinion. Well rested babies are able to feed better and "play" better, making them happier, in turn, making your life easier! Both my kids were great sleepers once we got a routine going. It was hard at first, but I resisted the urge to let them nap on me for every nap, rock them to sleep in my arms every time or use a motorized baby swing or something that rocked them to sleep (all, with the occasional exception), so they would not have to rely on these methods and be able to create positive sleeping habits from an early age... I also do not believe in letting them cry it out. If your baby is upset and crying, I urge you to follow your instincts and be there to help them, at this early age. I followed this mindset with both of my children, who have extremely different temperaments, and was successful in getting both to eat, play and sleep happily and easily through the night.


Nursing was a painful nightmare for 12 weeks with my daughter who had a hard time latching. It was excruciatingly painful for me every time for months and I had clogged ducts weekly. She lost weight at the beginning and wouldn't wake to eat (girl loves to sleep), so we had to supplement with formula for her first week of life. I was determined to breastfeed, so I powered through and nursed for 6 months and then pumped the next 6 months until she was a year old and bottle fed while I was at work, and nursed when I was home with her. My son, on the other hand latched with no problem hours after delivery and nursing was 10000x easier, with both of us knowing what we were doing. He, however was very reflux-y the first 6 weeks, ended up not gaining on track and I started pumping to bottle feed!

Either way, fed is fed! But keep in mind, you may need to adjust the schedule if you are dong formula, as breast milk is metabolized quicker than formula.

I try and follow a “feed-wake-sleep” routine pattern!

A baby that isn't well fed, won't be able to have a quality wake time, because they will be hungry and cranky. If the baby doesn't get efficient wake times, they won't be able to have long quality sleep time, resulting in a not fully rested baby. If they aren't rested, they are not able to get quality feeding times, because they will be falling asleep at the breast/bottle and not sucking efficiently... so then they are not well fed, and the cycle then continues. 

Remember, always follow your baby's cues and feed/let them sleep as needed, even if off schedule if that's what baby needs (if they are going through a growth spurt, sick, etc). Never deny them sleep or food, if that is what they need! This is just a flexible routine. I also don't recommend waking a sleeping baby, just to stay on schedule. This will mean they are not fully rested and not be able to feed efficiently, resulting in not a quality wake time, meaning they will not have a quality sleep time, and the cycle continues... defeating the entire purpose of the schedule.

Be forgiving to yourself and your baby as you both navigate this new journey of parenthood together. And don't forget LOTS of talking, singing, kissing and cuddling your baby :) They need you. Ultimately, do what feels right for you and your baby. The below is just what worked for me and my family, so I hope by sharing what we do, it can help you and your family too! 

Ultimately, do what feels right for you and your baby. The below is just what worked for me and my family, so I hope by sharing what we do, it can help you and your family too! You can adjust the times accordingly if you like to wake up earlier or later, just move the whole schedule up or down as needed.

Baby Schedule: 11-15 weeks old



7:30 - 9:30am




11/11:30 - 12/12:30pm




2/2:30 - 3/3:30pm




5/5:30 - 6/6:30pm



NURSE/BOTTLE→ Low Key Waketime 

8pm - 8:30pm 

CAT NAP (may eventually drop this)




Swaddle & down for the night

Some babies may still wake naturally, anywhere between 2:30-4:00am

(FEEDING: if they are still waking in the middle of the night to feed, you can try making it shorter and shorter until they don’t need it anymore. Making sure to make up for the missed calories during the day)


I followed a 6x/day feeding schedule (7x/day if they woke up in the middle of the night for a dream feed, but both my kids dropped this feed naturally at 10 weeks old), 3hrs apart, with both of my children at this age (but always follow baby's cues!). I exclusively breastfed and introduced a (glass) bottle with pumped (about 3.5oz for my daughter and 4.5-5oz for son) breastmilk, for the last feed of the night (9 pm) around 4 weeks with my daughter and 8 weeks old with my son, so they would get used to eating from a bottle, for when I eventually had to go back to work (at 6 months with my daughter and 4 months old with my son).


At 8-12 weeks old, I aim for around ~1.5-2h naps, 4-5x a day (14-17hrs sleep total in 24hrs). From 12-15 weeks old, I aim for around ~1-2h naps, 4x a day, plus a cat nap at night (13-16/17hrs sleep total in 24hrs), but always follow baby's cues! My daughter dropped the cat nap at 8pm around 13 weeks old and got over tired and cranky until she adjusted.

I try and not have them sleep on me as much as possible after around 7-8 weeks old, and be able to be content sleeping on their back in the bassinet or Dock-a-tot as much as possible. I try and create an environment where they can learn to happily self soothe themselves to sleep, with a little help from my hand on their chest, paci, or a soft shushing. At night, white noise and swaddle.


I aim for around ~1-2 hours (including feeding time), but always follow baby's cues!

The notes, spreadsheet and schedules below that I put together along the way are my ultimate go-to guides that I hope you find helpful (and share with your friends)! From what to pack in your hospital bag, to sleep schedules (so they actually sleep), easy recipes to feed your baby for their first solid foods or homemade play dough to keep them entertained... I hope these resources help prepare and guide you through your journey through parenthood.

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