Cupcake Menorah

This festive cupcake menorah is great as a Hanukkah centerpiece or holiday party. The best part is, it is made of cupcakes so everyone can easily take their own little candle cupcake at the end of the night!

You will need
  • 8 mini cupcakes and 1 standard size cupcake, baked and frosted
  • Festive Hanukkah sprinkles
  • 9 pretzel sticks
  • White chocolate or candy melts
  • Yellow gummy or fruit chew candy

Roll tops of frosted cupcakes in a bowl of festive Hanukkah sprinkles.

Melt bag of white chocolate chips or candy melts according to package. Holding one end of the pretzlle,  dip 9 pretzel sticks into melted chocolate, letting excess chocolate drip back into bowl. Set on wax paper to dry. (It is ok if they are not perfect, the extra chocolate will look like the melted wax from the candle!)

Cut flame shapes out of yellow candy, I used "Sour Patch Kids", but yellow gum drops, gummy bears, or Starburst candies would also work. Attach flame with melted chocolate and stick 1 candle into each cupcake.

Place the large cupcake in the center with 4 minis on each side and you have a beautiful cupcake Menorah!