Christmas Tree Cupcakes

There are tons of variations of a Christmas tree cupcake out there. But instead of just swirling some green icing on top of my cupcake and decorating it with sprinkles, I wanted something bigger! The Christmas tree is the most important part of Christmas for me. It gets me in the holiday spirit with its festive lights and fresh woodsy scent... And most importantly, it is a place for presents family & friends to gather together and rejoice. Naturally, I wanted to bring the Christmas spirit in the form of a cupcakes and create a whole little Christmas scene! Kids will love adding their favorite sprinkles and candies to decorate their own edible Christmas tree. You can use my cupcake and frosting recipes below of use a boxed mix and canned frosting.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

For each Christmas tree cupcake you will need


    Frost cupcakes. Tint buttercream icing green and fill decorating bag, fitted with a small star tip. Roll frosted cupcake in coconut flakes. 

    Trim about 1 1/2" off the open end of the cone by sawing gently with a serrated knife so it doesn't shatter.

    Rip marshmallow in half and stuff it into the open end of the trimmed cone.

    Push the pretzel rod into the marshmallow creating your tree.  

    Start piping leaves onto your tree, working from the bottom up, by squeezing out icing against the cone, and then pulling outward and releasing pressure. 

    Once you are finished piping on the leaves, decorate your tree with sprinkles and candy. Using a yellow gumdrop, cut out a star shape and place it on top of your tree.

    Push the "trunk" of your tree all the way down through the center of your cupcake until it hits the bottom, to ensure it doesn't topple over.

    Now for my favorite part... THE PRESENTS!!

    Cut the rounded tops off of 3 gumdrops, creating different sized gifts.

    Flip gumdrops over, cut side down, and wrap shreds of coconut around it to resemble ribbon. Add 2 heart sprinkles to the tops of the gifts as a bow, using frosting to attach the coconut and sprinkles onto your gifts.

    Place under your tree with frosting.  

    Merry Christmas!