Snowman Cupcakes

Chocolate coconut cupcakes, decorated into adorable little snowmen!

For each snowman you will need:
  • 1 standard size cupcake and 1 mini size cupcake covered in coconut flakes (Chocolate Coconut Cupcake Recipe)
  • 1 toothpick or pretzel stick
  • Chocolate candy disk ("cocoa candy melts", Oreo cookie half, or flattened tootsie roll) for brim of hat
  • "Rolo's" candy for top of hat
  • Black Rainbow Candy Coated Chips
  • 1 orange gum drop
  • 1 Strip of fruit roll (I found some great striped sour gummy strips at the grocery store, but any fruit roll up/fruit by the foot/fruit leather will work)
  • 2-3 Mini M&M's or small candy pieces


Frost the cupcakes and roll in coconut shreds. Flip the cupcakes on their side and stack the mini cupcake on top of the standard size cupcake, using the toothpick or pretzel stick to secure them together (You can leave this part out and keep the cupcakes facing up if preferred).

For the hat, flip the caramel candy upside down and attach it on top of candy disk with a dot of frosting. Place on Frosty's head.

Attach chocolate chips or candy pieces with frosting, for eyes and mouth.

Cut off a piece of the gum drop and roll it between your fingers to create a carrot shape and attach with frosting for the nose.

Wrap the fruit roll strip around Frosty's neck. Cut slits at each end to create fringe on the scarf.

Attach candy buttons with frosting.