{VIDEO} How To Carve a Cupcake Jack-o-Lantern (DIY Cupcake Pumpkin)

I am so excited to share my cupcake jack-o-lantern tutorial with you!


I have been waiting all year for Halloween to come around so I could carve a cute little cupcake jack-o-lantern :) It was so fun to make and I hope you try it out too! Be sure to tag me a picture @LindsayAnnBakes on instagram, facebook, or twitter so I can check out your creations.


Cupcake Jack-O-Lantern

You will need


So first, just hollow out your pumpkin and removed all the stuff on the inside, so it’s ready for carving.

And make sure you don’t throw away the pumpkin seeds, so you can check out my video on how to make the best roasted pumpkin seeds, in all kinds of flavors. These things are seriously so addictive.

The first time I made this, I just drew my cupcake right on to the pumpkin...

...but I got so many requests from you guys asking for a template, so I’ve created a cupcake pattern that you guys can print out to use as a guide. And you can just download it and put it in a word document to drag it bigger or smaller if you need, to fit your pumpkin.


So once you have the template printed out, just go ahead and cut little slits around the outside and tape it down to the front of your pumpkin.

Then take a little thumbtack, and just poke little holes, all around black parts, because that is what we are going to be cutting out.

 I made the frosting part grey because we are not actually going to cut it out, but we’re going to be removing the outer skin of the pumpkin so the light will glow through, to make the frosting sort of a different color that the bottom part of the cupcake and make it look really cool.

Then, just remove the pattern and you will see the little holes as a guideline of where we need to cut.

And a little trick that I like to do, to make the pattern really stand out, is to rub a little flour or cornstarch or baby powder over the pumpkin and it really makes the little holes stand out so it’s a lot easier to follow. You can go over this in pen too, so you don’t get confused on which parts to cut out.

So first, cut out the cherry, and you can carve a little stem too if you want. I thought it added a cute touch. Then cut out the cupcake liner, and remember to leave the little space in between each strip.

Then, cut around the frosting, without actually cutting through the pumpkin. Just slice the outer layer of pumpkin right off. The more you cut off the more the light is going to shine through, just make sure you don’t cut too deep and break through the surface.

And last, just slice some lines to create the sprinkles on top of the frosting. You can use the pattern as a guide or just slice them in wherever you like.

And there is our little cupcake jack-o-lantern. And what I love is it looks so cute even when it’s not lit up, at the door step during the day or as a table display at a halloween party too. You can even paint the pumpkin a cute color if you wanted to take it one step further.

Then put a candle or light inside and let it glow! Is this the cutest jack-o-lantern on the block, or what?!


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