Bloody Pretzel Stick Skeleton Bone Cupcakes

Creepy skeleton bones made out of pretzel sticks covered in vanilla flavored Toostie Rolls! Serve a bag of bones at your Halloween party, or use them to top your cupcakes for s spooky Halloween treat. The most fun part of all is the CRUNCH when you chomp down on these little bones.

You will need
  • vanilla flavored Tootsie Rolls
  • pretzel sticks
  • jelly "blood" (optional) 
  • frosted cupcakes


Flatten Tootsie Roll, using the heat of your hands, until it is flat and long enough to cover a pretzel stick, about the size of the wrapper. Place pretzel stick in the center (I broke off a tiny piece of the pretzel, to make the bones a little shorter, but using the full pretzel stick works just fine).
Wrap the tootsie around the pretzel, pinching the tops of the tootsie into the ends of the pretzel, forming a heart shape at each end. Smooth out seams with your fingers and flip over so the smooth edge is on top.

Then, top your cupcakes! I used my simple Black & White Cupcakes recipe and tinted the frosting with icing color!

And for a more gruesome Halloween treat... add some seedless raspberry jelly to create bloody bones.