Best of 2011

The Dollhouse Bake Shoppe Blog has officially come full circle. I started this blog in January 2011 and cannot believe a whole year has gone by. Dollhouse Bake Shope wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for my incredible fans, readers, facebook "likers", and and followers. I hope everyone has enjoyed my recipes and tutorials this year because I have so much more in store for you in 2012! Stay tuned for more mini-batch dessert recipes and bite-sized treat tutorials perfect for parties, special occasions and holidays. In addition, 2012 will bring the launch of our ALL NEW baking product (can't wait to share it with you!), a new video series, lots of fantastic giveaways, and of course more festive ideas and sweet inspirations. So to wrap up the year, check out my favorite and most viewed recipes and treat tutorials of 2011.

Top 10 Party Treats of 2011

1. Readers Choice: Nilla Wafer Mini Meals
My most popular and most viewed treat tutorial of 2011. My attempt to create all kinds of miniature sweets on the Dollhouse blog led me to create as many tiny treats out of a box of vanilla wafers as I could.

2. Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Pops/Stirrers These were the second most viewed tutorial of 2011... and they were posted in December! These little mini mugs of cocoa are made out of marshmallows and are perfect for mixing into your hot cocoa for fun stirrer.

3. Giant Kisses
My giant Hersheys kisses were one of my personal favorites. They are really easy and require no baking at all. I think they are a really fun and unique idea to give as a gift for any occasion.

4. How to carve a cupcake jack-o-lantern
This was one of my top viewed posts this year. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos on our facebook page of your cupcake jack-o-lanters! All of the positive feedback has definitely inspired me to create lots of other non-edible cupcake themed crafts so stay tuned.

5. Faux "Soft Serve" Cones
These soft serve look-a-likes are really meringue cookies swirled to look like soft serve. Just bake and place on top of an ice cream cone for a fun party favor or place setting. You can fill the cones with whatever you like from stickers to candy.

6. Marshmallow Teddy Pops 
I made themed marshmallow pops for almost every holiday, but these Valentine's Day Bears were one of my favorite this year, with my Marshmallow Thanksgiving Turkey Pops as a close second.

7. Chocolate Dipped Cakeberries 
This idea was a creative spin on the cake ball trend. I used red velvet cake to create cake balls that looked like real chocoalte dipped strawberries. Although I like to create no-bake candy treats and candy pops instead of cake balls and cake pops, these worked perfect as a cake ball in appearance and taste.

8. Apple Caramel Pops
This pop is especially fun because the center is made of caramel candies, coated in an apple flavored candy coating for a fun twist on a caramel apple.

9. Chocolate Bar Place Settings
My DIY hand engraved chocolate bars are one of my favorite techniques I came up with this year. They were even featured at the Food Network's Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner! They are really simple and a great craft for kid during any holiday. Use them as place settings, gift tags, part favors and more.

10. Candy Bar Penguin Pops
These were one of my favorites ever. I created tons of candy pops this year, making fun themed pops out of candy bars, marshmallows and more but these little Mounds bar penguins were so cute and versatile for the holidays I just had to add them to the list. 

Top 10 Recipes of 2011

1. Readers Choice: Fudge Cups
Most popular/most viewed recipe of 2011

2. Eggnog Cupcakes
Our top most viewed cupcake recipes of the year... and all those views were mainly in Dec.!

3. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

4. Miniature Pies

5. Churro Cupcakes (and mini homemade churros)
One of my most requested cupcake recipes, made famous from our WIN on the series premiere of the Food Network's "Cupcake Wars".

6. Bite Size Mini Cheesecake Cups

7. Mini Deep Dish BBQ Chicken Pizzas
Lots of new bite size appetizers coming up in 2012!

8. The Best Vanilla Cupcakes Ever

9. S'mores Brownies

10. Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake With Maple Spiced Whipped Cream
Includes a DIY tutorial for making a springform cheesecake pan out of parchment paper!

*And the highlight of the year: After our win on the series premiere of the Food Network's Cupcake Wars, I was asked to come back and compete in the Season 2 "battle of the champions"! (Highlight video and recipes coming soon)