New Years Roundup

Here are some fun ideas to make this New Years Eve even sweeter!

You can have New Years without champagne! What about making some strawberry champagne cupcakes?!

Make some chocolate marshmallow glittery New Years top hats! Simply attach a marshmallow to a round cookie with melted chocolate. Coat your hat in dark or white chocolate and let dry. Attach a ring of glittery sugar sprinkles for a festive touch! Check out a step-by-step tutorial from our Marshmallow Cookie Pilgrim Hats

These chocolate covered Oreos are super simple and a real crowd pleaser. I used an "Oreo cookie chocolate candy mold" that can be found in most cake/candy supply stores or online. You can also use the bottom of a disposable cup or simply dip your Oreos in a bowl of melted chocolate if you don't have a mold. I decorated them with drizzles of different colored chocolate, sprinkles, and some candy mold shapes.

This edible Champagne bottle and glass are made out of chocolate candy melts, melted and pored into a "wine/champagne bottle chocolate candy mold". Let it dry, pop it out and give as a sweet gift or use as a fun centerpiece!

Make New Years noise makers by coating a sugar cone with melted chocolate, add sprinkles, and a candy or fondant mouth piece and fill with rice crispy treat. You can stick wire ribbon in it or chocolate candy lollipops if you want to make them extra special!

Chocolate covered strawberries are a perfect New Years party treat. Use a black and white color scheme or get funky and use different colored sugar sprinkles on top!