Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

I wait all year for the grocery stores to stock the shelves with Easter candy so I can get my hands on these sickeningly sweet creme filled chocolate eggs. They pretty much taste like pure sugar coated in chocolate but I looove them and could seriously eat a half dozen in one sitting... which is why it is probably a good thing they only sell Cadbury creme eggs one season a year.

I looked up the ingredients of a Cadbury Creme Egg and just as I suspected it is pretty much just sugar and chocolate. Since the ingredients were so basic, I knew it couldn't be that hard to create a homemade version to make any time of the year. So, here is a homemade Cadbury creme egg recipe you can make any time a craving hits... even when it is not Easter!

This is the breakdown of ingredients used in a store bought Cadbury Creme Egg (found here) and my alternative ingredients for a homemade version:
  • MILK CHOCOLATE (Used for the shell. Use a melted Cadbury chocolate bar for an authentic taste or use any melted chocolate or chocolate chips you like, such as dark or semi sweet alternatives.)
  • SUGAR (This is the main ingredient in the filling.)
  • GLUCOSE SYRUP (I used corn syrup which is a more commonly used food syrup in the USA)
  • DRIED EGG-WHITE (Usually used to stabilized fillings and add body for a more fluffy creme filling. Meringue powder is a great alternative to powdered egg whites but you can leave this ingredient out all together and they will come out fine.)
  • CALCIUM CHLORIDE (This is a food additive used to improve the quality and stability of the food products and is used as a firming agent. Since we are making them fresh we don't need any additives so I just substituted it for a little salt because this ingredient is know to have an extremely salty taste)
  • ARTIFICIAL FLAVOUR (I added a little vanilla extract for flavor)
  • COLOUR (I used yellow food coloring to get the yolk color)

After doing some research and browsing the internet for inspirations here is my homemade Cadbury Creme Egg recipe. It tastes pretty close to the real thing... which could be dangerous for your waist line ;) but oh so worth it. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I made a mini batch but you can easily double the recipe as many times as needed if you want to make more!

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

Yield: about 4 half eggs

  • plastic Easter eggs that split in half length wise and a food grade paint brush
  • Cadbury milk chocolate bar (may sub any type of chocolate you wish)
  • 2/3-3/4 cup confectioners' sugar (powdered suagr)
  • 2 tablespoons corn syrup
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable shortening
  • 1/8 teaspoon powdered egg white or meringue powder, optional (recipe works fine without this)
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • yellow food coloring


With an electric mixer, beat all of the ingredients (except food coloring) together on medium speed until smooth and well combined.

Remove about 1/3 of the filling and dye it yellow with food coloring. Place the "yolk" in the freezer to firm up.

Meanwhile melt the chocolate in the microwave on 50% power, taking it out every 30 seconds to stir until smooth.
Using a food grade paint brush, paint the inside of a plastic Easter egg half with a thick layer of chocolate. Place eggs in the freezer until dry and set.

Once chocolate shells are dry spoon the white creme filling into each egg half. Remove yolks from freezer and roll into small balls for the yolks.

Press the yellow yolks into the center of each egg half until flat.

Coat the top of the egg with a layer of melted chocolate to seal in creme filling. Place in the freezer until fully frozen, for at least and hour.

Press the sides of the plastic egg together to release the egg. You will see the spots where the egg has been released from the plastic and darker spots where the chocolate is still stuck to the plastic egg. Keep squeezing the egg together until there are no dark spots sticking to the plastic egg. Gently pull out of the plastic egg. Use a toothpick and engrave the Cadbury star burst design in the center.

Bring to room temperature and enjoy!