Best of 2013 Roundup!

The Dollhouse Bake Shoppe Blog is officially almost 3 years old! I started this blog in January 2011 and cannot believe the overwhelming growth, feedback and joy it has brought me. Dollhouse Bake Shoppe wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for you, my readers, so THANK YOU... really, thank you! You have no idea what your continued support, sweet comments, and fan photos mean to me and how just a one email can put a smile on my face after a long day. I have been fortunate enough to partner with some fantastic big-name brands and have my work published in magazines and featured across the web. So, stay tuned for more videos, small batch dessert recipes, baking 101 tips and tricks, bite size treat tutorials perfect for parties, special occasions, holidays and more in 2014! 


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To wrap up the year, here are my most viewed recipes and treat tutorials of 2013... and from the looks of it, I think you guys like cupcakes ;) I mean, 7 out of my top 10 most popular recipes this year were cupcakes!

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Top 10 Recipes of 2013

Using sweet fresh fruit layered on top of a cool, creamy, custard-like pastry cream, all encased in in a rich, flaky, buttery pie crust and finished with an optional light fruity glaze, this is the ultimate summer treat... even for the ultimate CHOCOLATE LOVER like me! I could seriously eat this for breakfast and justify that fully... it does have fruit in it ;)

Read all about how I finally formulated a recipe that yielded my version of THE PERFECT VANILLA CUPCAKE; the most flavorful, fluffy, moist vanilla cupcake recipe ever.

Introducing the ultimate chocolate indulgence for all you chocoholics out there, like me. My Triple Chocolate Truffle Cupcake recipe makes a deep fudgy chocolate cupcake, topped with rich chocolate ganache, and studded with chocolate chips. Like a truffle on top of a cupcake!

One of my most requested cupcake recipes, made famous from my WIN on the series premiere of the Food Network's "Cupcake Wars"!

Yes... incredibly moist, flavorful, warm banana bread from the microwave in minutes! My microwave mug recipes are some of my favorite desserts to make when I need a quick and easy sugar fix. I've tried tons of recipes, but this banana bread, with a touch of warm cinnamon, studded with your choice of chopped nuts or chocolate chips is my absolute fave, you HAVE to try it! 
My chocolate cupcakes are extremely moist, fudgy, rich and decadent. This is a simple one bowl method recipe and is virtually fool proof! These cupcakes are so versatile. I use them as the base for most of my fun flavored cupcake combinations.

Even though I am a huge chocolate lover, these are one of my favorite cupcakes! Baked right on top of a buttery brown sugar graham crust, stuffed with strawberry filling, topped with a smooth cream cheese frosting, and finished with a ripe juicy strawberry, these cupcakes the ultimate indulgence.

These cuties made if into the top 5 for the third year in a row! Because I can't resist turning classics into miniatures, I made cherry, apple and blackberry miniature pies. You can use store bought crust and pie fillings or make your own from scratch with my simple recipes. These mini pies can be made in a standard or mini muffin pan and are such a fun party treat or special gift.

These "cupcakes" were a huge hit this year, making it to the number 2 spot for the second year in a row! Who wouldn't love eating cupcakes for breakfast?! My fluffy buttermilk pancake cupcake topped with a maple buttercream frosting and a garnished with piece of crispy bacon and maple syrup make the perfect breakfast treat great for sleep over parties, birthdays or just because.

AND IN THE #1 SPOT, DRUM ROLL PLEASE... My Best (Small Batch) Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever {Yield: 8}
It took me a while to come up with a small batch of 8 cookies that fit perfectly on one cookie sheet and these are definitely perfection. They have a rich, buttery, caramel flavor, with crisp edges and a melt in your mouth chewy center, that are the perfect indulgence when you don't need an entire plate full of cookies tempting you the next morning!

Top 10 Treat Tutorials of 2013

After making my classic sugar cones and bowls last year, I wanted to put a fun twist on them and create some flavored versions, like Confetti Cones, Chocolate Cones & Red Velvet Cones! They are are so much fun and are sure to be a big hit!

So far, I have used my original DIY toothpick engraving technique on chocolate bars for so many occasions! You can engrave a custom message into your candy bar, or create a spooky scene, it is completely customizable! Adorn your creation with all kinds of candy and you'll be handing out the absolute best Halloween candy to your friends, family, classmates or co-workers this year!

This idea was a creative spin on a classic cake ball/pop. I used red velvet cake to create cake balls that looked like real chocoalte dipped strawberries. Although I like to create no-bake treats and pops the extra effort really pays off!

These little mini mugs of cocoa are made out of marshmallows and are perfect for mixing into your hot cocoa for fun stirrer. MY favorite part about these is the fan photos you guys have sent in of your recreations (that I featured at the bottom of the post!).

Learning how to dip the perfect chocolate covered strawberries is a quick and simple process that always makes a big impresssion. Not to mention is is a lot more affordable to dip your own strawberries, than buying chocolate dipped berries at around $3 a piece from gourmet chocolate shops. The best part is, it is totally customizable. Create monograms, color patterns to match a theme, fancy chocolate drizzles or a variety of toppings!

I made these simple gumdrop roses just a month into my blogging endeavors. I use the technique featured in my tutorial to make fondant roses for cakes and even tootsie roll roses to top cupcakes!

My most popular and most viewed treat tutorial of 2011 AND 2012! Here, I have created all kinds of miniature treats made out of a box of vanilla wafers! Check them out for perfect party treats, Birthday surprises and more, with mini nilla wafer donuts, pancakes, burgers and desserts. They are so much fun to make and everyone gets a real kick out of them.

Quick, simple, healthy, and affordable variation to specialty shops which charge a fortune for fruit pop bouquets. These are a special and unique alternative to real flowers. These flowers are also great for Valentine's Day, Summer picnics, to say "thank you", "Congratulations", or any occasion!

In honor of Dr. Seuss, I created some fun "Green Eggs and Ham" cupcake toppers and "Cat in the Hat" marshmallow pops that are simple to make and perfect for themed parties!

These cupcake toppers were made from only 2 ingredients; caramels and tootsie rolls! I made them out of some extra candy I had from my Pumpkin Pop and Pilgrim Pop tutorials. You can even use them to top your pumpkin pie, or Thanksgiving desserts, for a sweet festive touch.

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