New Years Eve Cupcake Clock

Can you believe the year is almost over?! They seem to fly by quicker and quicker... where does the time go? To make saying goodbye to 2013 a little less bitter and a little more sweet, here is a super simple and fun way to serve dessert this New Years Eve!

You will need
  • cardboard circle covered in foil or festive wrapping paper
  • Black licorice twist
  • 12 cupcakes baked in festive baking cups
  • frosting of your choice (click here to see a list of my faves)
  • sprinkles, any colors
  • black gel icing

First, start by snipping a licorice twist in 2 parts (making one long and one short piece) and snip off the tip to create the 2 clock hands.

Next, cover a cardboard circle with foil or decorative and festive tissue or wrapping paper. Plcae your clock hands in the center.

Spread a layer of frosting on the tops of each cupcake and roll in sprinkles. I used gold and slver sugar sprinkles, but any fun and festive color will work.

Arrange the 12 cupcakes around your board.

Use a tube of black gel icing, or tint some of your frosting to pipe on the numbers, 1-12 on each cupcake.

Now you can decorate your assembled clock.

I added some pastel confetti sprinkles to give it a little more color!

Adjust the hands of the clock as the night goes on and have a happy and healthy New Year!!!