{VIDEO} How To Fill A Piping Bag With Frosting or Filling | Cupcakes 101: Quick, Easy Tips & Tricks

In this Cupcakes 101 Video, I show you some quick, easy tips & tricks for how to fill your piping bag with frosting, fillings, or decorators icing easily and without the mess!

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Want some great frosting recipes to fill your piping bag? 


Start by folding over the top of the bag, creating a cuff to fold over the top of a cup or your hand. Use a spatula to push icing into the bottom of the bag, scraping the spatula against the edge of your cup of thumb, to make sure all the icing gets in the bag.

Unfold the cuff of the bag and massage the bag from the bottom up, to release any air pockets trapped in the icing.

Twist the top of the bag shut, just above the icing and hold it in the nook between the thumb and first finger of your dominant hand. 

Fill your bag with or without a coupler and use any type of Frosting or Filling Recipes you desire.

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