{VIDEO} Mini Cereal Treat Princess Doll Cakes

This is my spin on a classic barbie doll princess cake. In my version I used a marshmallow cereal treat for the dress in place of cake, for a quick no-bake alternative. For the top, instead of using an actual doll, I have a really cute set of printable paper dolls, in all different colored dresses and hair colors for you to customize and stick right into the dress!

Create a doll cake for the birthday girl, your little princess, or for any special occasion!

Even make a set of mini doll cakes for your bridesmaids!

Mix and match my printable dolls with fun accessories and frost up a mini doll cake in no time to surprise little girls and adults alike!

 Once you print out your doll cake topper, tape a toothpick to the back so you can stick her into the dress easily.

You can create the dress out of rice krispy treat, cocoa krispies, or fruity pebbles and make them smaller or larger, depending on how big you want them.

Line a tapered mug with saran wrap and fill it with your marshmallow cereal treat to create a dress shape. You can also mold it by hand, but I think the mug makes the process a little easier.

  Then you are going to cover the dress. You can do this with frosting or fondant. Here I tinted my buttercream frosting pink and covered the cereal treat with frosting.

You can decorate the frosted dress any way you like. You can use sprinkles or add icing embellishments to create different designs and patterns.

I embellished the dress with my handmade roses (click here for the how-to video tutorial

Then just stick the doll topped in the top of the dress and you're done!

Ta Da!

If you want to use fondant for a really fun flowing dress, just simply roll out a large circle and cut the edges off so they are smooth.

Then drape it over the top of the frosted cereal treat so it has something to stick to (and for flavor!)

Then pipe on extra frosting if you want to jazz it up, for a more finished look.

Stick the doll topper in and she is ready to serve!

I love the fondant look!

Which is your favorite?!