{VIDEO} Gourmet (Chocolate Dipped, Filling Stuffed) Banana Bites

Turn an ordinary banana into a totally gourmet treat with this creative technique. This is a really fun treat for children and adults alike and the simple assembly makes for a really impressive presentation. 


The best part is, you can make these with just about any type of filling and chocolate you like, to create a variety of flavors!

I first came up with these when I did my original chocolate peanut butter version a few years ago. So get creative and come up with your own fun flavor combinations!

Gourmet Banana Bites

  • bananas (find the ones with as little curve as possible)
  • filling of choice
  • melted chocolate (white, milk, dark)
  • toppings of choice

Try and find bananas with little to no curve for best results. Peel and slice off the ends of each banana. Cut the banana into about two 3" long pieces. The amount of banana pieces you will get from each banana will vary, depending on the size of your banana and how long your banana pieces you cut are. You should get about 2-3 banana bites per banana.
Stand your banana bites up on their flat, cut side. Hollow out the center using a knife, apple corer or strawBe sure not to go all the way down, leaving about a half inch banana, unhallowed, at the bottom.
stuffed banana

You can always skip this step, and g straight to the dunking and decorating, for an even simpler alternative!

Then, dip the bottom half of your banana bites into the melted chocolate and roll in your toppings.

Place on wax paper until chocolate has set and dry. Pop in the frigde or freezer for a few minutes to set the chocolate more quickly.

Transfer the filling to a pastry bag or a zip lock bag with the corner snipped off, and pipe it into your hollowed out bananas. Continue piping a swirl at the top for presentation if desired. You can also just spoon the filling into the hole for a more simple alternative.

Here I have banana split, a yogurt/granola parfait banana and my original chocolate peanut butter. 

Here is my favorite on the left, a triple chocolate, filled with chocolate frosting and covered in mini chocolate chips, I also did a breakfast version with cheerios and peanut butter and lastly a chocolate coconut with whipped cream filling!

Get creative!What is your favorite flavor combo?!

Happy snacking!