Mini Chocolate Chalkboards

This is a twist on my original Toothpick Engraved Chocolate Bar Chalkboards tutorial, using fun mini size Hershey's bars and some green candy melts to create these adorable little personalized chalkboards, perfect for teachers and classmates!

 Mini Chocolate Chalkboards

You will need:
  • fun size Hershey's bars
  • toothpick
  • green candy melts
  • powdered sugar
  • white jimmie sprinkles

 I took a toothpick and scratched out the centers, to create a deeper, even well to pour the green candy.

Fill the well with melted green candy melt to form a nice flat surface, flush with the boarder of the chocolate bar.

Once the chocolate has set, you can rub the tops to smooth out and lumps if needed.

Next, take a toothpick and engrave your custom message, picture, name, etc.

 Sprinkle powdered sugar over your chocolate bar and rub it in to the engraving.

 Take a slightly damp paper towel to wipe away excess powdered sugar.

Ta Da!!

Use the melted green candy melts to attach little white jimmies to look like pieces of chalk at the bottom of the chalkboard.


Here is the cookie version I made last year by baking each chocolate bar piece on top of peanut butter cookie dough. It requires a little more work, but are definitely just as cute!