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{VIDEO} How To Pipe a Two-Toned Frosting Cupcake Swirl

Learn how to pipe a perfect two-toned cupcake for fun and festive swirls to match the theme of any event or party!



How To Pipe a Two-Toned Frosting Cupcake Swirl

Start with any two colors of frosting you choose and wrap them up in some plastic wrap.

You can then use any tip you like and decorate with sprinkles or toppings to match a party, celebration or holiday! I couldn't help using my DIY Custom Colored Sprinkles!

You can use anything from star tips, to french tips or round tips. They all come out so pretty!

I linked to my favorite frosting and cupcake recipes below, I even have a video on how to make your own custom colored sprinkles to match!




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