{VIDEO} DIY "Press For Cupcakes" Framed Vintage Button Sign

A super easy project for making a DIY "Press For Cupcakes" Framed Vintage Button Sign, for under $10!


 If you guys give this a try be sure to tag me in a picture on social media @lindsayannbakes!

The fun part about this project, is you can customize it to say whatever you like! My husband would love if this Press For Cookies sign actually worked.

You can do the "classic" Press For Champagne sign that inspired this project

Or how about a Press For Chocolate sign?! Yes please!

I was inspired by this cute image (Credit: Lisa Golightly) floating around social media lately and thought it would be perfect for recreating in a cupcake version! This sign sells for a whopping $75, so I thought I would take on the challenge by trying to make my own for under $10... and I succeeded!

How do you think mine compares?! This was so easy and inexpensive to make and everyone really gets a kick out of it! It makes the perfect addition to any home or office, for a really fun and interactive decor piece.

If you give it a try, be sure to tag me in a pic on social media @LindsayAnnBakes and let me know what you chose to customize your sign with!

You will need
  • hanging frame (I used a hanging framed mirror from the 99c store and spray painted it gold)
  • written or printed sign for inside the frame
  • vintage Buzzer (I got mine on Amazon here for around $5: http://amzn.to/2scADOM)
  • scissors
  • glue

Create a sign that will fit inside your frame. Glue buzzer in the center. Hang. Enjoy.


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