DYI Old Fashion Vintage Glass Milk Bottles - Food Styling Prop

These adorable vintage looking milk bottles make the perfect food styling prop or party addition... and you'll never guess what they're made from, using this fun DIY hack!

You can fill them with anything from regular or chocolate milk, sodas, pink lemonade, or your favorite beverage!

All you need are some of these frappuccino bottles and some pretty straws! I got a 4-pack at the grocery store, then, just drink, wash, remove the labels (make sure to scrub off any residue with oil or warm soap and water, or this goo gone stuff I found at Target in the dollar bin) and use for anything from a prop for your food blogging, a sprinkle holder, or to display at a party along side a plate of cookies!

Ta da!

Wanna see them in action?! Here they are in some of my recipes, as the perfect food styling prop!

You can use them with the cap on...

Even use them empty or to hold straws...

Always with a cute stripey straw!

Out of milk? Here I used it as a spatula holder...

Strawberry cookies need strawberry milk!

Here they are with some pink lemonade, see them in the background?!

How are you going to use your new DIY vintage milk bottles?! They just have the most adorable, old fashion, look to them, to add charm to any drink.

Be sure to tag me in a photo on social media @LindsayAnnBakes and let me know how you are going to use your DIY  Old Fashion Vintage Glass Milk Bottles!