{VIDEO} DIY Easy Red Bottom Nails Hack (cheap Louboutin manicure nail art at home)

My easy red bottom nails hack! This cheap Louboutin inspired manicure is a really fun DIY nail art you can do at home for cheap and is perfect for the holidays or special occasions!

I used fake glue on nails because my nails weren't as long as I like them for this look and it makes them really pop! Start by painting the underside of the nails red and letting them dry. 

Then go ahead and attach your nails and file and shape them.

Then, add a color on top and thats it!

I like to do tan or black, for a traditional Louboutin color combo. I also add some studs and red rhinestones to give it that extra wow factor!

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DIY Easy Red Bottom Nails

You will need:


First prep your nails by cutting them short. Push down and cut cuticles. Use nail polish remover to remove any oils from nails. Create texture by buffing with file (optional).

Then, pick out the sizes of your full cover false nails and paint the bottoms, about half way down with red nail polish and let dry. Use fresh nail glue to attach nails and press as close to cuticle for 20-30 secs per nail. Cut and shape nails however you like and paint them with 2 coats of tan of black nail polish on top. Decorate with nail jewels, if desired.