Ultimate Baby Schedule List (2 months - 2 years old): feedings, wake times, naps and sleep times

My FLEXIBLE Baby Schedule List (by age) I used for both my daughter and son, for a consistent flexible daily routine for their feedings, wake times, naps and sleep times, from 2 months - 2 years old. Before 7-8 weeks old, I just follow baby's cues and hold them/feed them/snuggle them as much as they need.

Both of my (very different) children, were going 8 hours between feedings over night at 8-10 weeks old and 12 hours overnight by 14 weeks old and continued 12 hours overnight the entire time they were in the crib. 

I am a firm believer in a "flexible daily schedule/routine". Children thrive on consistency. Providing a predictable daily pattern they can come to expect, helps them to feel safe, reduces anxieties of unexpected changes and unfamiliar expectations and helps them feel happy and secure. A baby and mama that are well rested and well fed, is the goal and what helped me raise happy babies. A daily routine also helps cultivate a calm household where everyone can help pitch in, knowing the expectations for the day at particular times. It can provide structure and give your family more freedom. 

Baby Schedules

Flexible Daily Routines for Your Baby by Age: feedings, wake times, nap times

Remember, always follow your baby's cues and feed/let them sleep as needed, even if off schedule if that's what baby needs (if they are going through a growth spurt, sick, etc). Never deny them sleep or food, if that is what they need! This is just a flexible routine. I also don't recommend waking a sleeping baby, just to stay on schedule. This will mean they are not fully rested and not be able to feed efficiently, resulting in not a quality wake time, meaning they will not have a quality sleep time, and the cycle continues... defeating the entire purpose of the schedule.

Be forgiving to yourself and your baby as you both navigate this new journey of parenthood together. And don't forget LOTS of talking, singing, kissing and cuddling your baby :) They need you. Ultimately, do what feels right for you and your baby. The below is just what worked for me and my family, so I hope by sharing what we do, it can help you and your family too!