Cute & Friendly Halloween Pops

After a bunch of spooky Halloween treats like my Bloody Jelly Donut Eyeballs, Bloody Pretzel Stick Bones, and Rat Truffles, as promised, here is a post to add to my list of cute & friendly Halloween treats. Some adorable little jack-o-lantern, sprinkle, and ghost pops!

Today I am showing you how to make cake pops, but these pops can be made with a variety of treats. I have made these with cocoa rice crispy treats, brownie bites, and marshmallows, using the same decorating methods. You can really use which ever treat you prefer, even try using or caramel candy like I did here. Just roll into a ball, dip, decorate, and create a variety of adorable Halloween themed pops.

Halloween Cake Pops 

You will need
  • 13 X 9" pumpkin cake or flavor of your choice, baked and cooled (boxed mix or homemade)
  • Cream cheese frosting (canned or homemade)
  • Wax paper covered baking sheet 
  • Candy melts (orange and green for jack-o-lanterns, white for ghosts)
  • Black edible marker or food coloring
  • Lollipop sticks


Crumble up baked and cooled cake into fine crumbs and mix it with about 1/2 cup of frosting at a time, with a fork or electric mixer, until it is almost a play dough consistency. Roll into balls and place on wax paper covered plate or cookie sheet. Melt candy melts according to package. Dip end of lollipop stick into candy melts and push half way into the cake ball. Chill in the fridge or freezer until stiff, but not frozen solid.

When the cake balls are firm, remove from the fridge/freezer. Holding the stick, dip and twirl the entire cake ball into the candy melts, tapping the stick against the side of the bowl, letting any excess candy melts dip back into the bowl. Place in the refrigerator to dry.

Once the candy has set, use a black edible marker to draw on the face.

Paint on the pumpkin's stem with a paintbrush using melted green candy melts (you can also just add a green candy on top for the stem).

I also used this method to make cute ghost cake pops!

Or simply roll, dip, and cover in sprinkles.

Here is what you can do with marshmallows, for a no-bake version:

I also tried a brownie pop pan that I got at Michael's Arts & Crafts store. It was the perfect shape for the ghosts, but you can also simply mold your cake balls into this shape before dipping, too:

You can package them up in a festive Halloween goodie bag to give away to friends and classmates...

...Or display them on fun Halloween platters for an office or party.

Wrap them up for gift giving!