Fun Halloween Treat Activity Printable

Here is a fun activity to keep your kids entertained while waiting for your cupcakes to rise. This cute Halloween treat word search by Tricia Rennea also doubles as a coloring page!

Click image to enlarge and print.

Spider Truffles

Candy coated cookie truffle spiders!

Crispy Witch Hats

These cute Witch hats are perfect for a Halloween party place setting, a fun addition to the dessert table, or a treat for your class or office. All you need to do is stuff some sugar cones with rice crispy treats and cover in chocolate!

Cute & Friendly Halloween Pops

After a bunch of spooky Halloween treats like my Bloody Jelly Donut Eyeballs, Bloody Pretzel Stick Bones, and Rat Truffles, as promised, here is a post to add to my list of cute & friendly Halloween treats. Some adorable little jack-o-lantern, sprinkle, and ghost pops!

Strawberry Truffle Rats

Like my Bloody Jelly Donut Eyeballs, these are not for the squeamish, as they are pretty hard to take a bite out of, with out cringing at the thought of chomping into a rat! But when I tell you that these beady eyed rodents are made up of strawberries covered in a cookies & cream truffle mixture, adorned with sprinkles and chocolate chips, you won't think twice once you sink your teeth into them. 

Witch's Cauldron Donut Hole Pops

Creepy bubbling Witch's brew, that is so delicious, you'll want to eat the entire pot! These cauldrons are made out of a donut hole, some green frosting and candy accents. They are simple to make and make a fun Halloween party treat.

Bloody Pretzel Stick Skeleton Bone Cupcakes

Creepy skeleton bones made out of pretzel sticks covered in vanilla flavored Toostie Rolls! Serve a bag of bones at your Halloween party, or use them to top your cupcakes for s spooky Halloween treat. The most fun part of all is the CRUNCH when you chomp down on these little bones.

Melted Witch Cupcakes With Candy Witch Hats & Broom Sticks

Whether you celebrate Halloween with cute and friendly witches, or creepy, old witches with green faces and warts on their chin, these witch hat and broom stick are perfect for the occasion. You can make these itty bitty witch acessories to eat as they are, or use them as cupcake toppers on top of a mound of "witch green" frosting to resemble a melted witch! Either way, they are super simple and so much fun!